Friday, June 17, 2011

Cocktail Ring

Just wanted to share really quick this fun ring I made last night. C-Koop enamelled flowers with a beautiful lampworked bead by Lara Lutrick.

Pardon the old lady hands, I just turned 37! When I realized not too long ago that technically I could be a grandma by now, I want to sit down and knit. I still feel 20ish inside, I wonder if that ever goes away? When I am 75, will I still feel like I'm in my 20's in my head?

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Mother Lode!

Sorry I've been non-existent on my blog, but don't take that to mean that nothing is happening and I don't have anything to share. Quite the opposite, we have been so busy that I just haven't been able to work in a post.

So today I will share with you two awesome surprises that have happened over the last two weekends.

The first one was a friend of mine was unloading her "scrapbook supplies". I thought she was just bringing my some excess paper...Never realizing that she was bringing over what amounted to a small store that ended up in my entry way. I went through and gleaned what I could you, added some items that I no longer wanted from my own small-medium "store". There are now 6 large paper boxes in the entry to let my other friends shop for items they can use.

And as if that wasn't wonderful enough, I just received a "care package" from my mom and dad. So what do you think it was?

Well, here is the background of how it came about. My dad had a hip replacement this last winter and was bored. Bored and can't move too much I might add. So what does a person in this predicament do to amuse themselves? You can only watch so much TV before your brain is mush! He already knew about the wonderful world of E-Bay, however he only previously bought "man stuff". He didn't need anything else, so he thought he would buy a few beads for my mom. She likes all things crystal. So he bids on a few items, get hundreds of bi-cones for about $0.75, so he thinks that this is pretty fun. Now mind you, he is under heavy pain medication at this point. He finally understands the term "RETAIL THERAPY".

He is blinded with E-Bay madness and starts to tell me each day the items he bids on and wins. To his credit, his frugalness kicks in and he will only bid on items with free shipping and no more than a few dollars for the lot, so everything he bought was well under wholesale prices. He starts to ask me what kind of beads I like, since he is bored with crystals by this point. I have a penchant for gemstones and larger bead sizes, so I give him a few names and colors to look for.

Well after getting in most of his haul (I think he has a few items still in the mail), he sent me home a package. Now mind you this is about 1/4 of what he bought. My aunt got a 1/4, and my mom 1/2. So you can only imagine just how many beads he bought. By the way, those strands are the 14 inch strands, just so you can get a perspective.

And he's my DADDY, and no I don't want to share!