Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

So my creative space is getting there. It's still not decorated, but I can create and function in this space so that is all that is really necessary. The rest is just frosting right?

We moved here last October after some remodeling work, so while everything is "finished" I have still been in rearranging mode until I get everything just right. Then I will finish my decoration. I just rearranged the furniture again a few weeks ago, so this deadline was perfect for me to get everything put back together and out of the spare bedroom.

I have a "paper station" where my father-in-law built a table and shelving into the closet to my specifications. I have had problems storing 12x12 paper in the past. It always overhung my shelving so it was always a source of contention for me. He also ran electricity into the closet so that I can use the Cricut right there where the paper is located. This is my "dry" station. No glues, paints, inks, water, etc are allowed in this area. I also store all of my photos and other electronics on the upper shelving.

Then we go to the Stamp/Fabric/Jewelry storage area. My father-in-law also built this storage unit to my design. He built the base and used some of my existing shelving for the top unit. In the canvas bins is my extensive stamp collection (I sold Stampin Up for several years). Plus my ribbon collection (3 of the bins). My sewing machine is located here as well as all of the related sewing supplies. I also have my jewelry making located here. All of my beads, chains, and tools are in this area. I still have yet to get my workbench in the garage and have my power tools for my jewelry set up (fall project after we are below 100* again).  I like to have different workstations for different types of work.


Then lastly my "wet" area is two Ikea Expidit small bookcases with a glass top table. This is perfect for my inks, sprays, paints, glues, and anything else messy. It cleans up very nicely and has lots of storage. I also have this great metal cabinet that stores my supplies and ephemera, bling, embellishments, and all manners of fun stuff. I found this cabinet at a garage sale one day and it was an ugly mauve/brown color and full of junk from someones workshop. My friend, Blanca, and I loaded it up in her van and toted it home. Needless to say my husband was less than happy that I brought home more junk and another project to do. He make me store it outside and on several occasions he threatened to haul it to the dump. After all I had only spent $20 on it. But I prevailed and kept it away from him. I painted it with black chalkboard paint. After I moved it in and set it up, he admitted to me that was probably the best piece of storage for me and my needs! Ha!


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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Card Share

I made this card for our new Circuit Overseer and his wife. She likes to make her own cards too so I'm sure she will appreciate the thought. 

There are six layers of die cuts on top of the card and three layers of flowers, hand watercolored and fussy cut. All on dimensional adhesive.

Also on July 12th there is a blog hop that I will participate in, Where Bloggers Create. This is hosted by and its where we all post photos of our creative spaces on our blogs. Come back for a look at my art studio (finally right Jean?). 

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