Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My first jewelry show...

My Dad ran the show for me since it was back home in Washington.
He's quite the salesman, even on a rainy day!
Main Table
Close up of rings
Necklace Chandelier
Flowers from my Mom's garden.
Love the doors that my Dad picked out for the backdrops!

I just officially started my jewelry business and had my first show with a booth and another one in my home 2 weeks after that one. My parents did the first one in Washington and I did the second one here at my home in Arizona. When I was back there in April and May taking care of my Dad, I shopped for my booth display pieces. Thrift stores and garage sales equally were perused as well as the Island Chics Flea Market and the Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market. I had a blast finding items to repurpose, spray paint, decoupage, or just use in another way (like my wire basket turned chandelier).

I've been working hard to open and I hope everybody who purchases an item is happy and I wanted to say thank you to them for keeping my confident and able to pursue a dream.

           THANK YOU!