Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Europe Trip-Paris the first leg

We just got back from Europe and we had quite an adventure! So much to tell but I will just do some highlights for now...

Paris was our first stop. First impressions:
Easy to use the subway and public transportation. Never needed a cab (except once and THAT is a long story).

Very clean, trash cans were everywhere and people used them. This was the cleanest city we were in of them all.

Monuments were amazing to see.

Espresso and pastries were the best we ever had.

History of the city and how well preserved everything is was awe-inspiring.

Day to day items are expensive (but this was also true in Italy). 5 euros for a bottle of coke which is appx $7.00! Good thing we don't drink soda often.

Water is not automatically given. You have to ask and pay for either still or gas (fizzy). Never served ice with any beverage in either country.