Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New House-During Demolition Phase


So here is the house after we have done most of the demo work, or should I say hubby's dad did most of the demo work! He's excited to have a project to work on again. Most of the drastic changes happened in the master bathroom. We removed all the fixtures, built a wall with a pocket door for the toilet, removed the tub and linen to make room for a 2 person walk in shower. We also removed the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom so that we could fit in our nightstands as well as the new vanity we purchased. It really opened up the room and makes it feel much more spacious.

You can see my babies, Baxie and Bayle, are interested with what is going on too. We like to get them used to new places first before we move if we can. This way they are more comfortable in the new house because they have been there before.

We still have so demo to do in the kitchen the the cabinets, but we are getting the rest ready. Doors are being hung, trim going up, tile work will begin soon, we have our painter lined up, and cabinet doors being built.  We have new toilets, vanities, and bath hardware that have already arrived, along with new doors, trim, and hardwood flooring. I had a family emergency, so I went back home to Washington State to help out. I am here for a month, so between my husband and I we are trying to remotely pick out lighting, paint, bath fixtures, faucets, fans, etc. This makes for some interesting emails back and forth. I can't wait to see it myself when I get home.
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