Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Mail- my first ever

For those of you who don't know what happy mail is, it's fun mail of loveliness that someone sends you and that you didn't purchase or swap for. I have received this kind of mail before from my family, but never from a fellow blogger or from overseas. 

I received this happy mail from Singapore from Cathy Ward. She had a blog giveaway from the Where Bloggers Create Blog Hop and I happened to be one of the recipients of her lovely gifts from her travels around the world. Check out her blogs for some lovely travel adventures and crafty goodness. 

She sent me a beautiful and fun selections from both Asia and France to play with. Can't wait to play with the goodies, thank you Cathy! 

Monday, August 5, 2013


Ok so all the lovely comments I received from the Where Bloggers Create post are making me feel a bit like a fraud. Ok I confess I did clean up my room for my photos. While I am "organized" I tend to create with everything on my desk and only a small space left to actually work. It doesn't matter how large of a table I work at its always the same thing. 

So I'm learning to embrace this messy part and just go with it. I also start several projects before finishing any of them and I don't clean up after each one either. Everything sits on my desk in a bin where I can periodically rummage through it. You never know if that itty bitty scrap of lace would be perfect on the next card...

The other balsa boxes

Here are the other 4 boxes. I hope you like them. I didn't go too over the top on my first try with them. But I can see that I will clear out the next batch that lands at Michael's!

Altered balsa box

I've been altering five of the cute $1.50 balsa boxes that Michael's periodically carries. I painted them all first with gesso, then acrylic paint in an antique white. Then I decoupaged the paper with matte gel and crackle painted the sides of the boxes. 

Then the fun part of embellishing each box. Here is the first box: