Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Bling

Summer Bling

Summer Bling by nayamcd featuring flower jewelry

Turquoise jewelry
$40 -

Flower jewelry
$14 -

Mood jewelry
6.40 GBP -

H M ring

All Saints chain jewelry
$60 -

Bangle bracelet
$1,950 -

Irene Neuwirth diamond jewelry
$6,310 -

Crystal flower ring
$50 -

Samantha Wills earring
12,600 JPY -

Yes please, one of each...

So I just found out about Polyvore, I know I'm sadly in the dark ages. Here is my first collection, just in time for summer to start soon. What you're still in a deep freeze? I'm sorry, but it's starting to get warm here in the Valley of the Sun.

I'm thinking little white dresses, sandals, sun-kissed skin, and umbrella drinks by a azure pool. What kind of jewelry do you like to wear in summer?

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