Monday, January 31, 2011

Soups On!

My Bead Soup Swap partner is Dana James (see above link for her blog). I don't think that Lori Anderson could have matched us up any better. Dana and I seem to be on similar wave lengths. We gave ourselves a deadline to mail the beads by and we both ended up mailing them early and on the same day! I just love what she sent to me. How did she know that blue-blue and cobalt blue were the colors that I was lacking and was in the process of adding to my stash?
She made many of the charms from found objects, including a cute silver bullet bell that has the cutest tinkling sound. I think she also made the beautiful pendants, and I fell in love with the soldered two-sided one. I think that the lady is suppose to be the front, but the floral is to die for so that might be the front for me. She sent me two clasps, one a heart shaped toggle, and the other a floral design (which by the way happens to be very similar to the very first toggle I purchased for my very first necklace I made).
We both sent each other ribbon, had a heavy blue theme, sent mother-of-pearl items, gemstones, and they both had Scrabble tiles involved. Talk about a meeting of the minds! It must be that she lives in Washington and I'm from Washington...
I couldn't be happier with what she sent to me especially since many of the items have been on my wish-list and just haven't been able to justify getting them yet, like the lapis. Check out her blog to see what I sent to her. I can't wait to see what she does with her soup. Keep checking back for possible sneak-peaks and the Blog Hop on February 26th.
Side Note: On the bead swap that I am doing with my family, the main beads are called "Crazy Horse Jasper". (see prior post for pictures).


Cindy said...

Hi Janea
Looks like you did receive the perfect Bead Soup!! Looking forward to seeing your creation later in the month!
Good news....please stop by my blog to see! :-)

Pretty Things said...

That looks like fantastic fun!!