Sunday, October 17, 2010


Lorelei challenged us to use the same beads and see what we could come up with. This was too much fun once I got on a roll, however I do admit I was stumped at first. Just how would I combine all these elements into one cohesive design? Since I am trying out some new ideas of Mix-and-Match I combined this idea I have been exploring into a whole jewelry wardrobe. Pardon the pictures, my good camera is down and I had to make do with my phone. To see images larger, please click on them.

Take one Bracelet
add an Extender

Mix with a Converter
and throw in a pair of Earrings

One Bracelet or

One long necklace or

One Choker


What a way to extend a budget while having the right length to go with any outfit!

How about the Polka-Dot Variation:

Long Necklace


Earrings 2

Earrings 3


Copper Diem said...

those are all so great! love it!

TesoriTrovati said...

LOVE the evolution of your design. I think that having versatility is so important and this is one that I would love to wear.
Thank you for sharing your inspiration.
Enjoy the day!

rosebud101 said...

You really made some versatile and functional pieces that are very beautiful, too! I love how your creativity exploded with these pieces!

jamberry_song said...

These are all gorgeous; and your family's designs are beautiful, too! But oh, those last earrings... I am in love, I think! Beautiful stuff. :D

lorelei said...

wow!!! wonderful pieces!

EmandaJ said...

What a great idea to make several pieces that can be mixed and matched to get a whole lot of different designs -- the sum is even more than the parts!


Elisabeth said...

Wow - what an incredible idea! and I really love the very last pair of earrings. Please tell your Mom and your Aunt that their designs are also lovely!

Holly said...

Oh, hey, that's too many to choose from! I have no clue what my favorite it.... Great pieces!

fanciful devices said...

what an awesome take. you really put a lot of inspiration into this. i love the idea of the convertible, multi-use pieces. all of them beautiful.

Molly Alexander said...

I love the versatility ofyour pieces, and the way the shape of the earring components echo the necklace components. Great job!

Jennifer Cameron said...

Love these you over achiever you! They are gorgeous designs and I adore the versatility of them. Awesome.

JoaniB said...

I love the budget-expanding, multi-use piece of jewelry! I love all the Michaels interpretations!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Great ideas!!! You did so much with this project. Love the convertable necklace!