Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uncle John

This picture of my Uncle John and Aunt Betty was taken over Labor Day Weekend at my parents 40th Anniversary party in Washington. Uncle John fell asleep in death a few weeks later and his memorial will be this Saturday. I wish I had spent more time visiting with him when I was there, but I'm glad I was able to spend the time I did with him. Life is short and precious. I look forward to the day when I see him again. We will miss him. He always had a good camping or fishing story to tell. I especially will always remember that it was his stinky socks that kept the bears from raiding camp! I hope that Betty will be able to visit us again here in Arizona soon. She and my uncle visited us right after we moved here in 2002, and I haven't gotten to spend much time with them after that due to his poor health and how far away we live from my family.

We will miss you Uncle John.

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