Monday, December 13, 2010

Anniversary and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Bead Box...

First of all: the Sisterhood of the Travelling Bead Box.

It is now over here at Cindy Wimmer's blog.

If you want a chance to get it, go over to her site and leave a comment. I am in love/lust with the Artisan Clay piece that she is donating to the box. If you want a closer look at their beautiful pieces go here:

Anybody want to get me any? hint, hint yesterday was my anniversary...

And speaking of anniversaries, my wonderful husband totally spoiled me. I will post pictures once I get them. BTW-I now have my camera back, yeah!

It was too funny, I went to the Jewelry store to get his gift, and he went to the Tool store to get mine. That explains us in a nutshell. He has a watch fetish like you wouldn't believe. So I contributed to his problem by getting him another one. He more that fulfilled my wishlist. I was just hoping to get a Pepe Combination Disc Cutter. Well I did get that, plus a jewelers saw, blades, rawhide mallet, brass hammer, and a Foredom Flex-Shaft! Talk about having fun over the weekend setting up my "bench".

And to top it off, I just received a very large, very gorgeous bouquet of tropical flowers at the office, with my very favorite yellow roses. Isn't he the sweetest? I'll stop gushing now because I don't want anybody to think I'm bragging. I just feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to make it 18 years and that we still love each other and get along better now than we ever have.

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