Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decembbbbbbbrrrrrr Challenge

Sorry to complain, but it's freezing here today. We had a storm come through last night that dumped quite a bit of rain with a side of thunder and lightening. Today it's clearing up, windy, and the temperature is supposed to drop into the 20's. Now for those of you in other states, I'm sure that sounds positively warm, but when you go from 70's in the day/60's at night one day to 40's in the day/20's at night in about 24 hours....I tell you it's extreme! Plus what they say about your blood thinning is true! When we first moved here from Washington State I was swimming in March when it was in the 80's, now I'm wearing my winter coat at that temperature and I don't swim until it is over 100 degrees! It's all relative, right?

Now on to the fun stuff. My Aunt Ruth sent the beads to us for December's Challenge. She picked a Winter White theme and sent us vintage pearls and crystals. She said we could only add white, crystal, or silver to what she sent. Here's a look at the starting pile:
Here is Ruth's "Winter Snow and Ice":

Here is my mom, Ronda's:

And here is my necklace, bracelet, and earrings:

Now here is a sneak peek at the beads I will be sending them in January...They might change a little though. I'm thinking of adding to them. Hope you enjoy!

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Jennifer Pride said...

Ooh I love the bead challenge idea! Maybe I'll try to start one with my friend. She only works with semi-precious stones and I work with anything I can get my hands on and my mind around.

All that and I just popped in to say hi to a fellow Bead Soup partyer. :)